Better for the Clinician


In lower acuity areas of the hospital where patients are more mobile and there is usually more than one patient assigned to a nurse, it is important to stay on top of how the patient is doing as well as what they are doing in order to keep them safe and care for them in the best possible way.

A clinician can physically only be with one patient at a time – but with the ViSi Mobile System it will be possible to have all vital signs continuously for all patients: when it’s wanted and when it’s needed. As a result of easy, intuitive access to complete and consistent patient vital signs information from virtually anywhere, the ViSi Mobile System is designed to support individualized clinical decision-making, and to provide timely visibility to the effectiveness of clinical interventions.

The rugged, reliable, easy to set-up and use ViSi Mobile Monitor always stays with the patient and provides uninterrupted monitoring, across care units and even when the patient is not in bed. Vital signs can also be sent automatically to the electronic medical record at a configurable interval.

The ViSi Mobile System is designed to give clinicians peace of mind and allow them to feel more connected to their patients, anywhere and at any time.