Better for the Patient


The current standard of care for monitoring the majority of hospitalized patients, i.e. those on the general Med/Surg floor, involves manual spot-checks of pulse rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and temperature, (respiration rate mostly being counted but not measured) on average every 4 hours.

The ViSi Mobile System is designed to help keep patients safe by continuously monitoring all vital signs and providing a connection between patient and clinician, allowing for more individualized and timely care.

Continuous monitoring through the ViSi Mobile System is already contributing to safer, more restful hospital stays. The system is comfortable to wear and does not restrict a patient’s freedom of movement. The addition of continuous, non-invasive blood pressure (cNIBP) will only improve the comfort level of the patient by eliminating frequent cuff-based blood pressure checks which will likely lead to higher patient satisfaction and quicker healing.