Sotera Wireless introduces the ViSi Mobile System, a platform for comprehensive vital signs monitoring designed to keep clinicians connected to their patients, whether in or out of bed, or while in transport.

With ViSi Mobile keeping a watchful eye, physicians and nurses have immediate access to vital patient parameters so they can intervene earlier and respond more rapidly – to prevent adverse events and to improve patient safety.

Featuring comfortable body-worn sensors that allow for freedom of movement, the system enables highly accurate, continuous monitoring of all vital signs.

The ViSi Mobile System is able to continuously measure and display all vital signs (ECG, Heart/Pulse Rate, SpO2, Blood Pressure (cuff-based and now also cuffless on a beat-to-beat basis), Respiration Rate, Skin Temperature) with monitoring accuracy and resolution typically found in ICUs. In addition to the color touchscreen display on the patient-worn device, platforms such as desktop or tablet PCs can be utilized as remote viewing and notification devices. ViSi Mobile is able to wirelessly transmit data, leveraging existing hospital WiFi infrastructure, and is designed to provide information output in electronic form (i.e. EMR connectivity) as well as print-outs. In the future, the ViSi Mobile System will also include Sotera’s patient Posture / Motion as a “new vital sign”.

ViSi Mobile is a comprehensive system, designed to enhance patient safety by allowing early detection of patient deterioration and connecting clinicians with their patients anywhere, any time.


With the addition of continuous non-invasive blood pressure, the ViSi Mobile® System is the first FDA-cleared body-worn monitor capable of non-invasively measuring and displaying all vital signs on a beat-to-beat basis.