Product Information

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Sotera Wireless introduces the ViSi Mobile System, a comprehensive vital sign monitoring platform designed to keep clinicians connected to their patients, whether the patient is in or out of bed or in transport. The ViSi Mobile System is the only monitor that allows clinicians to continuously monitor all core vital signs with ICU-level accuracy, in a wearable and non-invasive package. Now, even a patient’s blood pressure can be measured and displayed continuously along with Pulse oximetry, Heart Rate and ECG, Respiration Rate, and Skin Temperature all the while preserving patient mobility and without disturbing the patient for frequent vital sign checks. In the future, the ViSi Mobile System will also include Sotera’s patient Posture / Motion as a “new vital sign.”

ViSi Mobile is a “first of its kind” system, designed to enhance patient safety through early detection of signs of patient deterioration and connect clinicians with their patients anywhere, any time.