Multiple studies have shown the financial impact of patient safety, or lack thereof, to the healthcare system at large. From a hospital perspective, ensuring patient safety is essential to avoid additional cost burden from existing and nearing legislative mandates and to comply with clinical guidelines.

The ViSi Mobile System is designed to extend the reach of patient safety and enhance overall care by:

  • Helping to avoid expensive, preventable adverse events, by allowing early detection of patient deterioration
  • Allowing to keep patients in lower cost beds (e.g. out of the ICU) and allowing faster patient dispositions (e.g. from ED) due to greater availability of beds with continuous monitoring capabilities on the general Med/Surg floor
  • Enabling more efficient use of clinician time – elevating level of practice and avoiding human error in measuring, documenting and interpreting vital signs
  • Increasing patient satisfaction by allowing for a more restful night’s sleep by measuring all vital signs continuously and non-invasively therefore reducing disturbance from spot checks
  • In the future, the ViSi Mobile System will expand to allow you to monitor patients post-discharge, in order to avoid hospital re-admission

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