In addition to the color touchscreen display on the patient-worn device, platforms such as desktop or tablet PCs can be utilized as remote viewing and notification devices. The application software can run on any of these platforms enabling mobility, scalability and flexibility with respect to the clinician’s information viewing point.

The ViSi Mobile System enables wireless transmission of data via the existing hospital infrastructure (i.e.. WiFi 802.11 network). It features the highest level of data security and integrity (e.g. WPA2 encryption) and has been tested with the leading WLAN providers’ infrastructures for interoperability. The ViSi Mobile System architecture provides best-in-class reliability with full redundancy, e.g. automatic fail-over in the case of a hardware or software failure, as well as remote and seamless software updates with no system downtime. The clustered system architecture allows scalability and appliance hardware re-use as users expand from a small (single care unit) to a larger ViSi Mobile System (hospital wide).

Sotera Wireless has developed an open API using a flexible and generalizable publish/subscribe model based on Google Protocol Buffers. The open API is connected through the ViSi Mobile Appliance and supports the exchange of real-time data from ViSi Mobile devices to a hospital’s EMR, Remote Alarming System, and/or related middleware engines. Specifically, the API can output patient vital sign numerics at configurable intervals, patient alerts/alarms including the ability to acknowledge events, and real time waveforms. Using an HL7 in-feed, the ViSi Mobile can receive patient demographic information to conveniently and reliably associate patients with ViSi Mobile devices.

Sotera Wireless recommends its Support Agreement to provide value-added services to keep your ViSi Mobile System in top operating condition. Included is ongoing post-deployment training and generous remote support for regular application software updates and other system health administration. An online customer portal allows product self-help and other features that provide Clinical and IT/Biomedical Engineering staff convenient access to site-specific detail information and the latest knowledge about ViSi Mobile.